E MAX Crowns

E-max is a treatment technique using a ceramic type called empress porcelain. It is applied to the front teeth to improve their appearance. Discoloration, breakage, cracking, or yellowing of front teeth can create a negative image and impact a person's self-esteem. E-max veneer is considered one of the most aesthetic veneer methods, as it can improve the appearance of teeth without damaging the tooth structure.

What is E MAX Crowns

E-max crowns are a type of dental restoration primarily used for aesthetic purposes, such as advanced tooth colorations, that cannot be achieved with methods such as teeth whitening. One of the main advantages of E-max crowns is that they do not use metal, making them a suitable option for patients allergic to metal. E-max porcelain is known for its natural appearance and is often recommended for cosmetic purposes. Unlike other materials, E-max porcelain has a transparent structure, making it look more realistic. Also, compared to metal-based crowns, E-max crowns have a surface that is more resistant to stains and plaque formation. These crowns are made using CAD-CAM digital dentistry methods, which require precise and delicate work. The dentist will determine if an E-max crown is suitable for the patient.

Procedure of E MAX

E-max crowns have several advantages, including:

They have high light transmittance and transparency, which gives them a natural-looking appearance, similar to healthy teeth.

Unlike traditional porcelain crowns that use metal as a substructure, E-max crowns do not create an opaque appearance on the teeth, preventing them from looking dull and artificial.

They are applied individually to each tooth.

The amount of tooth substance removed during the procedure is typically minimal, between 1-2mm. The filing process is performed with local anesthesia, and a temporary tooth-colored tooth is made to prevent hot and cold pain. Some patients may experience slight discomfort, but the procedure is generally completed without any major issues.

EMAX Crowns for Smile Design

E-max crowns are often used in smile design as they provide a natural-looking appearance and are resistant to stains and plaque formation. They are made using CAD-CAM digital dentistry methods, which require precise and delicate work.

The lifespan of E-max crowns is similar to other dental crowns, around 15-20 years, with proper care and maintenance. Over time, they may need to be replaced due to changes in the anatomy of the gums and underlying teeth. The warranty period for E-max crowns is typically three years, during which time the clinic will replace the crowns free of charge if there are any issues.

How long time need for Emax

Getting E-max crowns typically takes five days and involves three appointments. However, additional charges may be necessary.